Diet and Exercise

I have never tracked what I eat very closely but I have always been aware of the amount of fat that I consume (20%-30% of calories). This winter, I started tracking both my calories consumed and expended and it has been educational. The software that I am using (Lose It! for the iPhone) also tracks the breakdown of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Most startling, on days where I burn lots of calories exercising I do not consume enough calories. If left on my own, I would under eat by about 800-1200 calories. On the following days, I found I was over eating by 200-440 calories. It would all even out but it probably hindered my recovery and performance in the short-term.

With this knowledge, I now plan to eat an amount consistent with my exercise. I have also focused on eating more protein as I was on the low side which probably also affected my recovery. I feel better and I think that my workouts have been more consistent.

Tracking what I eat has also changed what I eat. I have been much more disciplined in eating foods that support my need for protein as well as cutting out the junk. It does not stop me from eating a 600 calorie blondie but it does make me eat other things to provide balance in my diet.

It has been an interesting exercise and I recommend that you give it a try for a while. It does take some discipline but I find it worthwhile.

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This is the first article on the website. Our site has been enhanced to include the features you are used to such as the Message Board as well as new features such as a Home page, About Sharon Cycling, and periodic articles of interest.

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New Website

The new website has been up and running for more than a month and things seem to be working well. No problems have been reported and everyone seems to have adjusted to the new format and PIN requirement. We welcome suggestions for improvement via email at

One of the big changes of the new site is our ability to add longer and more permanent posts like this one. Well, hopefully better and more interesting than this one! If you are interested in contributing content please email to let us know and we can set your account such that you can create posts. It is very simple and I am sure that our group would love to learn more about how to prepare for long group rides, the Sharon TT or other cycling related topics.

The cycling season already seems well underway with many people out riding regularly. In addition, a few of our group are already planning for their first race in a few weeks. With snow falling daily this all seems hard to believe but warmer and hopefully dryer weather are not far off.

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